The Oil Platform Leak Bulletin is now available for EMODNET users.

1) What is the Bulletin?
The EMODNET Oil Platform Leak Bulletin contains the forecast/scenario information on the fate and transport of oil leaks emanating from fixed platforms. It uses the most updated information on winds and currents from operational oceanographic and meteorological forecasting models in the local area of the platform and a ten-day forecast/scenario for the specific case requested.
The Bulletin is connected to the activities of the MEDESS4MS project in the Mediterranean Sea.
2) How can I get the EMODNET Platform Leak Bulletin.
Please complete the input data form.
3) When will the results be available?
The Bulletin will be sent by e-mail within 24-72 hours (depending on working week days).

For any problem email to emodnet-opl-bull@ingv.it.


Bulletins Produced:

28th July 2014



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