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Final Data Adequacy Report for Mediterranean checkpoint (with Annexes)

MEDSEA_D11.4 –  Data Adequacy Report May 2017






MEDSEA_D10.4 – Second Panel Report  May 2017

MEDSEA_D11.2 – Data Adequacy Report 18 June 2015

MEDSEA_D11.2 – Data Adequacy Report 18 June 2015

MEDSEA_D10.3 – First Panel Report 18 June 2015

Literature survey for Mediterranean checkpoint
The MedSea Literature Survey summarizes the first main attempt to classify the input data sets on the Mediterranean Sea by selecting a number of applications in order to determine how easy it is to access and use the data needed for these applications and their fitness for purpose.

MEDSEA_D1.3 – Literature Survey EMODNET MedSea Checkpoint 26 September 2014

ANNEX1 – Methodology for classifying the existing upstream data according to the Literature’Survey 26 September 2014

ANNEX2 – SeaDataNet characteristic categories and definitions (P02 list) 26 September 2014

ANNEX3 – List of the upstream data sources and characteristics needed by the seven challenges of the ‘MEDSEA Checkpoint project’ using the SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies 26 September 2014

All the reports are also downloadable from the European Commission Maritime Forum. 

How fit for purpose is Europe’s marine data infrastructure? Results from sea basin stress tests.

Findings of the MedSea Checkpoint presented at EMODnet Sea-Basin Checkpoints Stakeholder Conference (14th and 15th of February 2017,Brussels, Belgium).

Oil Leak Simulation – EMODnet Sea-Basin Checkpoint Challenge

EMODnet Session at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 (20 April 2016)

EUROPEAN MARITIME DAY 28-29 May 2015, Athens (Greece)

“The MedSea Literature Survey published on the Maritime Forum”.

“The North Sea Literature Survey published on the Maritime Forum”

“How quickly can we provide information on marine oil spills?”

“Simulated oil spill in the Mediterranean”